Product name: High Purity Graphite Products Machine Parts Name: Graphite Products Machine Parts
Key Words: Graphite part Material: Original Material
Shape: can be customized SIZE: can be customized
Type: High Strength Bulk Density: 1.58-1.85G/cm3
Product Graphite products Hight Precision: Graphite Parts


Graphite Parts


  As a professional manufacturer of graphite parts, we have specialized in machining graphite over 10 years. we are providing various kinds of graphite parts, such as graphite dies, moulds, rods and plates, carbon bushings, graphite heaters, crucibles and other graphite components.




  -Fine grain   -Homogeneous structure   -High density
  -Excellent thermal conductivity   -High mechanical strength   -Proper electrical conductivity
  -Minimum wettability to molten metals   -Hard surface and good flexural strenght   -Resistance to chemical erosion and thermal shock

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