good news! Kaiyuan Graphite successfully passed the national standardization evaluation of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and won the certificate of "integration of industrialization and industrialization"

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On August 31, 2020, Kaiyuan Graphite successfully passed the evaluation of the national integration of industrialization and industrialization management system standards, and obtained the "Industrialization Integration Management System Evaluation Certificate" recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, marking that Kaiyuan Graphite's industrialization and informatization integration has taken a new step. Steps.

good news!

The integration of industrialization and industrialization is an important development direction of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the 13th Five-Year Plan period. The main significance is to allow enterprises to bid farewell to traditional industrial manufacturing, and to enhance the ability of independent innovation of intelligent equipment and products. Improve the efficiency of corporate management, reduce costs, and enhance the sustainable competitiveness of the company; in the future, it will be able to be shortlisted for the selection of suppliers of the government and state-owned enterprises, bidding, and sales credit will also have huge advantages; improve the intangible assets of the company and vigorously promote the company's sustainable development .

good news!

On July 11, 2019, Kaiyuan Graphite held a kick-off meeting for the implementation of the two-industry integration management system standard project with the support of the leadership of the group. During the epidemic, Kaiyuan Graphite stuck to its position, overcame difficulties, and successfully passed the compliance review, review, and publicity of the expert group review and evaluation committee, and successfully completed the evaluation of the integration of the two systems.

Through this assessment, the company's original management system established in the industrialization era was sorted out, the company's related processes of integration of the two industrializations were standardized to make it continuously controllable, and a corporate big data platform was established to achieve corporate strategic goals and obtain information on sustainable competitive advantages Provide a practical basis for new capabilities in a chemical environment; sow seeds for Kaiyuan Graphite to achieve scientific management and improve core competitiveness; to establish a digital system control platform for Kaiyuan Phase II, and lay the cornerstone for the development of smart manufacturing and smart factories.