Talent Concept

1) Planning, cultivation and introduction of talents;

Strengthen the planning of human resources from the top-level design, do a good job in the four aspects of talent selection, education, use and retention and the six modules of human resources, cultivate talent echelon, and introduce high-end talents such as high-skilled talents, undergraduates, and graduate students. , To jointly build a scientific research platform and a highly capable management team, etc., to create a stage and environment conducive to talents.

2) Talent performance and motivation;

Implement performance management and appraisal for all employees, closely integrate business objectives with departmental performance, and personal appraisal, distinguish rewards and penalties, survive the fittest, strengthen and improve the methods and means of positive and negative incentives, and create a fair and reasonable talent competition environment.

3) Corporate culture construction;

In line with the enterprise spirit of "seeking truth, truth, refinement, and innovation" and the business philosophy of "quality first, safety as the soul, and culture as the root", the company cultivates "scientific management, professionalism, precision, and depth," "Customers provide satisfactory products" corporate culture gene, people-oriented, harmonious coexistence, and employees to build, share and develop together to build a warm and harmonious Kaiyuan family.

Talent Concept